ZONDA ACQUIRES ALPHA VISION. Learn in this announcement why this is exciting news for our customers.


AlphaImmersive™: transform a vision into reality

AlphaImmersive™ is Alpha Vision™’s latest innovation in the real estate industry. It combines the power of Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) to deliver the ultimate buying experience. With AlphaImmersive™ you don’t just help potential home buyers imagine their new homes - You immerse them right into their dream homes.

Let them peer into the future

Thanks to AlphaImmersive™, home buyers can experience a virtual walkthrough of any house from the comfort of your sales center. Using Oculus Rift technology, the experience is as close as a built model as can be. And rather than just visiting one house model, they can visit hundreds of models they are interested in; as they walk from room to room, they can visualize, in stunning detail, what their future homes will look like. What’s more, thanks to AlphaImmersive™, customers gain more confidence in their purchasing decision as they feel “what they see is what they get.”

A turnkey solution

AlphaImmersive™ is a turnkey solution that is easily integrated with all of Alpha Vision™’s other solutions as well as your backend infrastructure. It includes everything you need to jump on the VR/AR bandwagon—painlessly and with confidence. What’s more: we work with you to set up AlphaImmersive™ in your sales center, bringing this new experience to life.


Integration with your existing CAD files

Thanks to our integration with Autodesk, the maker of AutoCad, Revit and other CAD tools, you can seamlessly upload your existing 3D models into AlphaImmersive™ so that you can repurpose your content hassle-free! By leveraging the potential of Max Interactive technology, we developed a unique interface that allows home buyers to jump from one viewpoint to another without them feeling nauseous.


Immersive experiences in the sales center…and beyond

While AlphaImmersive™ provides a next-generation customer buying experience in your sales center that is second to none, it doesn’t stop there! Our package includes apps to enable the most tech-savvy consumers picture their new lives in your community by offering a similar experience on the web using consumer devices, such as Gear VR and Google Cardboard. The goal? Getting your customers stoked on their dream home before they visit your sales center!

They say a picture is worth a thousand words. With AlphaImmersive™, a walkthrough using VR/AR becomes a sale. Be at the forefront of the next revolution in real estate technology.