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As a real estate developer, real-life model homes play a key role in your home builder marketing strategy. Today, many home builders are wondering if they should replace their model homes with virtual home tours using virtual reality technology.

But what if they didn’t have to choose one over the other?

Alpha Vision’s latest guide, Top Benefits of Offering both Virtual Home Tours and Real-life Model Homes, explains why both model homes and virtual tours have their place within a home builder’ marketing mix. Each approach has its pros—and impact on the home buyer’s journey.

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As any savvy home builder marketing strategist knows, potential home buyers become much more engaged—and more likely to buy—when they take part in walkthroughs in a home model. After all, nothing beats immersing customers in the home of their dreams. While traditionally, real-life model homes were an integral part of a home builder marketing strategy, virtual home tours are increasingly becoming popular. What are the pros and cons of each? Which one should you opt for?

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Alpha Vision has been a pioneer in developing home builder marketing solutions that are both innovative and attuned to the challenges real estate developers face today. At Alpha Vision, we believe that although technology is moving at a rapid-fire pace, this does not mean you should simply ditch traditional home builder marketing tactics that still work. Offering both real-life model homes and virtual tours makes for the ideal mix of catering to both current home buyers and next-generation customers. Book an exclusive demo of Alpha Vision’s home builder marketing solutions to learn more!