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Real estate developers know that if they want to make sure their potential home buyers choose their communities, they need to develop tools, such as real-life model homes and virtual home tours. These tools offer homebuilders amazing opportunities to determine the specific likes and dislikes of customers, which in turn can be uploaded into a homebuilder CRM. With this invaluable data in a homebuilder CRM, real estate developers can personalize their customer’s shopping experience like never before.

Alpha Vision has put together a quick guide, Top Benefits of Offering both Virtual Home Tours and Real-life Model Homes. This guide gives great insight into the importance of offering home buyers both real-life model homes and virtual home tours. It also demonstrates how real estate developers can use these two tools to collection important data that can be added to customer accounts within their homebuilder CRM.

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As any marketing-driven real estate developer knows, data is power; the more you know about the preferences of a potential home buyer, the more you can personalize the customer journey and home presentations to better align them with your client’s needs. Using information gleaned from both real-life model homes and virtual home tours, you can add critical information to your homebuilder CRM and offer a customize, stellar customer service people cannot experience anywhere else. Download Alpha Vision’s FREE guide to find out how!

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Alpha Vision has been a pioneer in developing home builder marketing solutions that are both innovative and attuned to the challenges real estate developers face today. At Alpha Vision, we believe that although technology is moving at a rapid-fire pace, this does not mean you should simply ditch traditional home builder marketing tactics that still work. Offering both real-life model homes and virtual tours makes for the ideal mix of catering to both current home buyers and next-generation customers. And by adding a homebuilder CRM to your sales process, which includes updated customer information, you’ll be on the road to better customer engagement and more sales. Book an exclusive demo of Alpha Vision’s home builder marketing solutions to learn more!