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Vanessa Linn

VP Sales and Marketing at Shea Homes, San Diego division


Shea Homes and Alpha Vision: Creating a stellar digital sales center that customers love

Shea Homes leverage Alpha Vision’s digital sales center, AlphaCenter, in many of its communities, including Frame & Focus and Origen.


The sales centers were designed to provide a warm and friendly ambiance so that potential customers instantly feel at ease when they walk in the door. The comfortable and modern decors are conducive to initiate conversations between the home shoppers and Shea Home’s sales representatives.


Each sales center also includesgiant HD touch screens that are surrounded with stools to create interactions and engagement with home shoppers. The TVs on the walls project informative videos and community renderings. iPads are used by sales representatives to instantly access additional information as they assist prospects along the buyer’s journey. Thanks to all of these devices and real-time access to information, both potential customers and sales representatives can view:


  • The latest lots availability (with information directly pulled from their internal systems), neighborhood maps and points of interest around the community (provided by AlphaMaps)
  • The prospect’s latest selections from the Shea Homes’ website, including their personalized interactive floor plans, color pallets, home elevation selections, and even their furniture configurations within the different rooms (provided by AlphaPlans).


The ultimate goal of these sales centers is not only to help home shoppers imagine their new lives in a specific community but also to answer any questions they may have right on the spot, thereby accelerating the sales process.


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