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TOP 4 Reasons Why Home Builders Should Think Mobile First in 2016

While we all know that mobile devices have become man’s new best friend, here at Alpha Vision, we thought that we’d look at the latest 2016 trends in mobile adoption, and summarize for you the top reasons to go mobile for home builders.

#1 – Mobile Adoption, so 2014

Mobile to overtake fixed Internet access by 2014” was the headline summarizing the bold digital marketing predictions from 2008. Well passed that tipping point now, the graph below from ComScore shows that those predictions were right. Looking at your own Google Analytics’ data, let’s guess that you would also have quite a similar picture of your website traffic. Embracing mobile is no longer a decision, consumers decided for everyone, and they are not going back any time soon.

Mobile vs desktop users - ComScore 2015

#2 – Mobile Shopping, so 2016

Among those numerous mobile users, the majority (67%) are first and foremost looking to shop different brands, products, options, etc. Shopping online doesn’t mean buying online. A huge portion of the research performed prior to an important purchase is done online. This is part of the shopping journey, as much as the transaction itself. Not investing in your website’s mobile experience in 2016 unfortunately means missing out on an increasing amount of consumers at a key step in their purchase funnel, the research.

How consumers user mobile devices

#3 – Millennials are Moving Out of the Basement

While mobile usage is strong amongst all age groups, as one can expect, it peaks with the millennial generation[1] with an adoption rate of over 85%.Mobile adoption by ageBut while you may argue that millennials have been notoriously slow to enter the housing market, things are about to change now. As Michael Mattioli (a portfolio manager with John Hancock Asset Management) puts it:

Once bashed as “the lamest generation” by The Daily Beast, millennials have been ridiculed for being too self absorbed to consider getting married and raising a family. But that’s about to change. Millennials are about to “grow up” and start moving out of their parents’ homes.[2]

In fact, many signs and data points indicate that they are (and will continue to take) an increasingly important role in the US economy. That’s no surprise, as those 92M millennials actually represent the single biggest generation in US history—even bigger than the Baby Boomers.[3] According to Market Watch, millennials will finally start to settle down, get married and consequently, buy a house, over the next few years. Here are the top 3 reasons why:

  1. Millennials are the most educated generation in U.S. history (thanks to the achievement of females in the group), and college-educated people are more likely to buy homes
  2. College-educated young adults start getting married in big numbers at age 25-26 and beyond
  3. The two biggest age cohorts among millennials, the bulge in the python, if you will, are now 24 and 25 years old

housing and millenials

Take advantage of that trend right now, before the competition does, and provide those millennials with the best available mobile experience. …Which leads us to the last point.

#4 Experience is Key

Even though many companies invest in a mobile friendly website these days, an impressive number of consumers are still not pleased with their experience. In other words, it’s not enough to just ‘go mobile’, you have to do it right. According to Mobiquity’s independent study[4] on the mobile technology experience, conducted on 1,000 US consumers, only 16% of consumers would give an A grade to retailers based on their use of technology to enhance their experience. And while there are several pain points along the way, the main one for non-transactional websites is brand consistency. In fact, while 39% of consumers feel brands should have the same look/feel across all channels, only 22% of website actually meet those requirements. That means there is a huge opportunity to stand up against competition for companies willing to embark on the mobile journey. And the first step in that journey is to ensure that all the great branding, experience and tools deployed on your desktop website are seamlessly displayed on mobile.

Alpha Vision’s interactive solutions, like alphaplans (interactive floor plans) have been designed to be seamlessly accessible through desktop and mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. It is also our finding that 38% of our interactive floor plans’ customizations are launched through a mobile device. Take advantage of alphaplans to capture those precious shoppers at the moment of truth – while they surf your website on their mobile.


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