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The Power of Analytics – Behavior of Consumers on your Website Interactive Tools


A client of ours launched a new Sun Room option for a series of their plans, which they hoped would be well received by their customers. However, after considering several months of sales data, it appeared that the Sun Room was simply not popular. Thanks to alphaplans, we provided them a look into data collected through the analytic dashboard component built within the solution. They were then able to gain a new perspective which kept them from making a hasty decision.

The data from alphaplans’ analytic dashboards showed that when their website visitors used alphaplans to select their desired options and configure their dream home without budgetary consideration, the most popular option was actually the Sun Room! With this additional information in hand, it became obvious that pricing was the real issue, not a lack of interest for this option. Our client then adjusted their pricing and kept the Sun Room option, much to the delight of their buyers. As a result, Sun Room sales jumped considerably, as did their profits.

This is just one example of how our Smart analytic dashboards can benefit your business. Imagine for a minute that you could see into the mind of your home shoppers’ and uncover which plans are most appealing to them, what rooms they valued most, and what options they sought in their dream home. This is actually all possible, using alphaplans’ analytics’ dashboard.

  • Preferred Home Plans
    Discover which of your plans your website visitors liked most, and how long they spent on each
  • Most Popular Options
    View aggregated data and data specific to individual visitors preferences via their saved floor plans
  • Furniture Layout
    Based upon the furniture placement and the details shown in each room, determine which rooms are most important to them and even some clues about the makeup of their family…bunk beds means family!  
  • Plus so much more…


Our internal data shows that in 2015 alone, over 749.100[1] room configurations were saved using alphaplans! That means a lot of interest from website visitors in customizing their dream home and engaging with your community online! When leveraging alphaplans, you hit 2 birds with 1 stone; providing your home shoppers with the tremendous online engagement experience they expect, while fueling your business with key performance indicators!

 So whether you already leverage GoogleAnalytics data and need us to complement your reports with additional key insights, or are eager to uncover key insights on your home shoppers to facilitate planning, improving designs and better target your sales pitches – we’re there to help!

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[1] October 2015, year-to-date data.