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Shea3D Brings Interactive Floor Plans to New Levels!

Once again Alpha Vision Interactive floor plan technology has been supporting a home builder in its online marketing strategy with the launch of Shea3D, a new innovative approach to home design and home building.

As always, when needing the most advanced, cutting-edge technology, Shea called on its partners, industry leaders Alpha Vision and Berlin-based Pure, to develop all the tools required to make the launch of this brilliant concept, the success it deserved.


Shea3D, an all-new patent-pending way of building homes, provides home buyers with a decision that they’ve never had before; the opportunity to choose from a variety of interchangeable lifestyle-driven spaces. Shea3D allows customers to choose from 3 unique main living spaces: Entertainment-centric, Kitchen-centric, and Outdoor-centric, empowering the customer to select the one that best fits their lifestyle. Whether the buyer is looking for a home that offers an expansive, continuous living area for entertaining; comes equipped with a supremely functional kitchen for the gourmet chef; or promotes a complete indoor-outdoor living experience, Shea3D offers homes tailored to the specific needs of individuals and families alike.

Obviously, Shea3D is a revolutionary concept answering homebuyers’ needs in a very personal and emotional way. This is how we saw it from the start and also how we developed a visual communication strategy. Shea3D effectively expands the variety of home designs a buyer can choose from. If there are 9 “YourPlans” available in a community, combined with the 3 different lifestyle spaces, there are actually 27 different home choices in total. Choices are what customers are asking for, and most importantly, it speaks for Shea’s total commitment to match prospective homebuyers’ lifestyle!

To start with, Pure developed the storyboard of a dynamic and entertaining video to bring to life how each Shea3D YourPlan appeals to the 3 different “centric” lifestyles Shea offers. The video has enticed thousands of online home shoppers to seek more information, leading them to visit the Shea Sales Centers and actually experience the lifestyle choices on display in their model homes.

Understanding that today’s consumers want more control over their shopping experience is key to keeping them engaged online, Alpha Vision developed a customized version of its Virtual Presentation System, the most robust interactive floor plan solution available to home builders. It effectively guides buyers through their dream home: first with the selection of a lifestyle which best represents their way of life, then through additional options perfecting their particular needs and preferences.

Within a month of the launch of Shea3D, more than 30,000 floor plans were already visited and personalized. This is not surprising when you understand that this tool not only offers an unsurpassed discovery of the home space, flexibility and features, but also offers homebuyers endless personalization possibilities, including furnishing each room with their own furniture selections.

For more information about Shea Homes and the new Shea3D revolutionary product, visit www.SheaHomes.com/3D.

To experience Alpha Vision’s Solution for interactive floor plans – alphaplans – with already 7,000 active home builder floor plans and counting, book a demo!

Marc Lamoureux : President of Alpha-vision