FEATURED NEWS:     Alpha Vision announces integration for Zillow Group’s Inline Community Preview




Online lot availability and increased visibility on Zillow

Directing traffic to your website requires a significant investment in Google SEO, ad words, banner ads, and home search portals.

 An excellent first step toward maximizing your ROI is to increase the engagement of a larger number of these online leads through personalization of options and elevation choices using Alpha Vision’s interactive floor plan solution: alphaplans. 

 What’s next?  In 2017 you’re going to see a dramatic increase in interactive site maps with real-time lot availability.  After all, next to selecting the home of their dreams, lot choice is the biggest decision in the home buying process, sometimes it’s even more important.  AND, with hundreds of communities already having gone live, our alphamaps interactive lot map technology has been tested, tried, and deemed to be the true champion of functionality, ease of use, and results.

 But what’s REALLY EXCITING is, in supporting this trend, Zillow, the leading home search portal, recently launched a new builder tool that allows for a unique drop pin for each and every buying opportunity in your community, rather than a single drop pin for the entire community. Think about the impact of this…it significantly increases your visibility on the search map.

alphamaps with Zillow export

 Alpha Vision’s interactive site plan fully supports this new Zillow feature, and eases greatly the process of adding geo codes to each lot for our builder clients’ daily feed. In addition to each lot’s location, availability status, and home fit information, we also support the export of the lot boundaries. This is highly valuable when the community shows only as a dirt field in the satellite imagery available for Zillow at the time.