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Most Efficient Tools at Turning Prospects Into Sales

This might not come as a surprise to you, but ‘‘it is estimated that between 1-3% of web site visitors engage on a home builder web site by subscribing to a newsletter, requesting more information, scheduling an appointment, or other form of opt-in. That means that for every 1,000 people who visit your site, as many as 990 leave the web site without any opportunity for a sales person to engage, qualify and nurture that lead.”(1)

BokkaGroup‘s recent survey – focused on recent new home buyers throughout the United States – sheds some light on the best opportunities for home builders to act all the way through the sales funnel to activate the most efficient strategies at converting home shoppers into home buyers. We thought we’d give you a few highlights of this 82 page report.


What Items Are Considered Important by Home Shoppers When Researching a Home Builder Website?

According to this research, here are the most important items to keep in mind when designing the most efficient website to convert prospects into sales:

Indeed, Interactive Floor Plans have become very popular with today’s new home buyers, both when researching home builder websites (scoring importance ratings at 83% and above). and when visiting sales centers (scoring ratings at 93% or higher on influence on decision to buy). Learn more on our Interactive Floor Plan solution – alphaplans – and how it can be leveraged both on your website and in your sales center.



And What About Influencers in the Sales Center?

Digital sales centers offer many different interactive tools to influence the buying process of home shoppers. As the data suggests, ”technology that specifically enables buyers to personalize their own home with digital tools such as customizable interactive floor plans and virtual design centers are very influential and are dramatically changing the way buyers experience the home buying process.” Alpha Vision’s Digital sales center solution – alphacenter – allows home builders to display all of the following features within their digital sales centers.


”Today’s buyers have more control over how they access, assimilate and process information and all of that has changed the role of the Sales Agent. Once the gatekeeper for information that influences a buying decision (i.e. pricing, availability and upgrades) the Sales Agent today must play a new role. Sales Agents now partner with prospective buyers in the sales office – many of whom have already gathered significant amounts of information before their visit – to create high quality interactions by personalizing the technology and translating it into the buyer’s specific needs and wants.”(1) It is now up to you to make those digital tools available to your sales agent – and drive more sales!

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“Kudos to Bokka Group who created this impressive report. www.bokkagroup.com