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How will alphaplans drive qualified leads to my sales’ center?

alphaplans drives qualified leads to my sales center

As part of alphaplans, RoomPlanner (above) is a popular tool allowing homebuyers to personalize their dream home with furniture at scale.

Bill and Christina are shopping for a new car. As one can expect, their first step is to search online for information on available brands, models, options, pricing, etc. On some of the car manufacturers’ websites, they only find tables and charts, while on some others, they are able to configure and visualize their dream car with all their desired options, features and stunning colors. Two very different shopping experiences, sure to trigger very different emotions and results.

Now if you think of it, whether Bill and Christina are shopping for a car or a house, their goal is the same, they want to better educate themselves prior to making a decision on which homebuilder offers them the best homebuilding experience, and which sales centers they are going to visit.  Alpha Vision has the perfect solution for you to help them achieve this goal and establish that precious engagement with them at this critical moment and guide them to select you as their homebuilder of choice…alphaplans.

Leveraging interactive tools such as alphaplans on your website will not only help potential buyers feel better prepared for their initial visit to your sales center, but will engage them with your plans and communities on a much deeper level, and do so much earlier in the process. Every minute they spend personalizing floor plans with alphaplans builds their emotional connection with your community, and your brand’s equity skyrockets! There is no doubt, alphaplans is the smart way to drive more qualified visits to your sales center.

You will be glad to learn that the benefits of alphaplans do not end with the online experience. While visiting your sales center with their printed personalized brochure in hand, home shoppers are empowered to take a more active part in the sales conversation.   Additionally, you can continue to utilize alphaplans throughout their home buying journey within the sales center. Display their personalized floor plan on your HD touchscreen for an even stronger impact. alphaplans are the gift that keep on giving!