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How Does PURE Relate to Home Builders?

Pure was created 10 years ago in Berlin, Germany, by Alpha Vision’s Marc Lamoureux and Jonathan Brosseau, along with Marc Gruber-Laux in response to the need for luxury developers. Since then, it has established itself as one of the leading firms internationally serving an impression live of clients all around the world. Pure was first a success in the NYC luxury market and then extended his craft on the London, Dubai and European markets. Pure has even designed luxury-branded buildings before the architects were involved – for luxury brands – as Baccara, Ralph Lauren, Valentino, just to name a few.

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As a sister company of Alpha Vision, it naturally got involved to apply the same expertise to home builder renderings. In fact, Alpha Vision’s rendering production technologies are often influenced by Pure. Pure has developed rendering styles ahead of the competition and has serve luxury home builders as Irvine Company, Shea Homes and many others.

Understanding that Pure position itself with renderings of the highest quality execution, builders often cherry-pick their needs with signature renderings used for advertising or at the forefront of their website. Moreover, Pure developed an extensive expertise in amenities and community renderings, which are key for masterplan developers in demonstrating the uniqueness of the lifestyles of their communities.

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