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How do I Integrate Interactive Tools on my Website?


Are you looking to improve customer engagement on your website?  Of course you are, it’s the whole point of having a website.  And Alpha Vision has two ultra engaging tools that will help you do just that:  alphaplansour interactive floor plan solution, and alphamapsour interactive site map solution.

So now you are wondering how our solutions will integrate with your website, no worries, it’s REALLY easy.

First, Alpha Vision will generate your alphaplans and alphamaps, branded and custom designed to your specific needs.  Once completed, you will receive a unique URL that is easily integrated into your website in one of two ways:

  1. Button or Link Addition

Simply add a call to action button or link anywhere on your existing website which, when clicked, will open a pop-up window and redirect you to the desired plan or map using the unique URL provided by Alpha Vision.  Your interactive tools are now fully integrated and available to your visitors!

  1. Integration Within Your Design

If you prefer to integrate either of these solutions directly within your current website design, without opening a new window, simply use an iFrame directing you to the unique URL provided by Alpha Vision.  Integration is seamless!

When designing our suite of solutions, we make a concerted effort to take a client-centric approach to assure we are addressing the true needs of our homebuilder clients. We adhere to the theory that time is money, and we respect our clients’ time.  That’s why both integration options require a minimal time investment on the part of our clients…after all, technology should make life easier!

Additionally, it’s important to note, both options grant you full access of our solutions’ Smart Advantages :

  • Content Management System (CMS) – You have full control of all content
  • Analytic dashboards – insightful data points on preferred options, plans, lots, etc. (this includes synching our data to your login profiles if your website uses one)
  • Inter-connectivity – Alpha Vision’s suite of solution is 100% smart and inter-connected!
  • Automatic updates – connected to your servers, assuring all information displayed is current
  • Conversion generation – as visitors save their floor plans or site maps, you capture leads

With Alpha Vision as your partner, it’s remarkably easy to engage your prospects! Contact us today!