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How can Alpha Vision support my sales center?

alphacenter, Digital Sales Center

alphacenter, Digital Sales Center

Alpha Vision has been supporting homebuilders with its Suite of Solutions for over 22 years now, all along focused on engaging digitally with home buyers. Since the beginning, we have been strong believers that the core of a builders marketing program is the sales center and that sales associates are key to its success.

alphacenter is our specialized solution for sales center digital engagement, bringing together all of Alpha Vision’s digital solutions such as alphaplans, alphamaps and alphaview, at the fingertips of your sales associates where and when they need it most. Moreover, alphacenter connects the dots between your Website, and brick and mortar efforts in the sales center. In other words: that’s where bricks and clicks connect!

Consider it like a central platform around which all of our solutions are gravitating, just like your community is gravitating around your sales center.

Use Personal Profiles for Stronger Engagement

Imagine greeting home buyers that come to the sales center with an already personalized brochure in their hands, result of their exploration of your community online. That’s pre-qualified traffic!

Once you start engaging with them, log into their account and have a look at the interactive floor plans they spent hours customizing on your Website, see if they already selected a specific lot on your interactive site map, etc. All this in the comfort of your sales environment. alphacenter is really about engagement between home buyers and your sales associates.

Build a Relationship Based on Trust

We all know consumers natural reluctance to sales people. Our digital sales assistant has been designed to ease the creation of a relationship based on trust with your sales associates.

Simply set it up to communicate different visuals or messages depending on the rooms and gain control of the tone and content – now in perfect conjunction with home buyers’ journey. This fully customizable solution will display your unique selling proposition, branding and communities’ specifics. Moreover, it is fully compatible with all devices, from a full HD touch screen – for full immersive experience – to the versatility of a tablet!

Contact us today to discover how Alpha Vision’s Suite of Solutions, including alphacenter, can serve your business needs, or visit alphacenter‘s page for more details.