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Housing Transformation Summit 2021: Innovation through Differentiation

Did you know that builders are only capturing 9% of the annual US housing market?
Competition from used homes is high. But with the right strategies, builders can set their products apart from traditional real estate.

Housing Transformation Summit 2021 is a unique event designed specifically to accelerate innovation and increase market share for new home construction. It brings together experts in all domains of the industry, from marketing to modular building. Over three days, they’ll be covering the concepts, processes, practices, and vendor relationships builders need to increase market share. From customization tools that help customers dream big to aftermarket services, you’ll gain insight into opportunities for growth.

For a taste of what HTS21 has to offer, discover three key strategies that builders can implement to get ahead.

Create order-of-magnitude differentiation from the competition

What if buying a new home was so unlike buying used that the two experiences could hardly be compared?

The possibilities offered by a new build compared to a used home are vast. Yes, innovative features, personalized designs, and on-trend finishes are a big part of the picture. But there’s more—don’t forget the importance of price, delivery speed, and the home shopping and buying experience itself. All these aspects can be leveraged to transform customers’ ideas about purchasing a home and further distinguish new builds from used.

This year’s biggest theme, differentiation is everywhere at HTS21. Discover next-gen digital marketing strategies to communicate the benefits of buying new. See the clear advantages of new builds for buyer-demanded features such as energy efficiency and solar. And gain insight into the technology, processes, attitude, and partnerships you need to build fully personalized dream homes—on time and at a profit.

By leveraging innovative, digital-first solutions, you can create buying experiences that used homes can’t compete with.

Embrace the power of digital marketing

It’s almost 2022—having a robust digital marketing strategy is more than a plus; it’s a must. In this area, new builds have a distinct advantage over used homes. Engaging, interactive digital tools let you learn more about leads to tailor buying experiences and give customers exactly what they want.

HTS21 covers all the ways you can deploy digital marketing to:

  • Engage more buyers early in their research through interactive floor plans and site maps
  • Let buyers personalize their dream homes
  • Create fun, engaging customer journeys through virtual and augmented reality 
  • Sell finished homes with built-in options galore
  • Wow customers with next-gen ideas like photorealistic renderings and gamified shopping 

From identifying leads to signing contracts, digital marketing tools are your ally through every step of the build process.

Leverage digital documentation to tap into aftermarket opportunities

If you believe your relationship with a customer ends when they move into their new home, you’re missing out on a wealth of aftermarket opportunities.

Digital documentation of the buying journey gives builders the chance to offer targeted services for the home’s entire lifespan. These prospects range from maintenance, improvements, and replacements to home care, digital services, furniture, and even decor. 

Using concepts developed for high-volume builders, HTS21 looks at all the essentials for increasing the lifetime value of each sale, including:

  • Digital toolsets
  • Information quality
  • Customer hand-offs
  • Information sharing
  • Revenue splitting

As the Internet of Things gains footing in our everyday lives, homeownership is going digital—and the change offers a slew of opportunities for savvy builders. 

Get your invitation to HTS21

Housing Transformation Summit is a three-day event being held in Phoenix, AZ from November 30 – December 2, 2021. It will host more than 100 leaders from the nation’s biggest and most progressive single-family homebuilders and feature more than 75 innovative vendors of finishes, structural components, systems, and digital solutions. 

The event is designed for executives at homebuilding companies that build 50 or more single-family homes a year. These VIP builder guests get access to forums, panels, one-on-one sessions, personalized supplier meetings, small-group presentations, and more. HTS21’s four tracks—Executive, Finishes, Structures & Systems, and Digital Systems—offer something for everyone on your team.

Want to attend? Register now for an all-expenses-paid invitation. Qualified applicants will be selected on a first-come, first-served basis.