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Home Builder Renderings – Going Beyond Showing a Home!

Home builder renderings are more than just an image representing the architecture of your project – or at least they should be. Yes, a rendering is a communication tool to illustrate what your building will look like, but we believe it needs to go beyond that!


A truly effective rendering should elicit emotion from the viewer.In the case of a single family home buyer, perhaps a young couple with children, it should draw them in, as they envision themselves, or their guests, arriving and entering through the front door into their brand new home.  Exciting!  Or maybe the joy they will feel watching their kids ride their bicycles up and down the sidewalk of this fabulous, family oriented community.

Renderings can create a sense of exclusivity as well. For instance, a professional couple looking to purchase a condo in an upscale neighborhood may be swayed by a rendering showing the elegance of the pool in the evening as they relax under a cabana and watch the reflection of the city lights twinkle in the water.

For some, an interior rendering showing the elegance of the view from the living room, the entertainment value of their gourmet kitchen, or the peacefulness of the tub in their luxurious master bathroom calling their name at the end of a long day.

All of these scenarios are made possible only when your renderings are constructed with a purpose toward having such an affect.  The artistry of a well-crafted rendering is evident, when it sends your imagination off on a journey of pleasurable thoughts about what living in your particular home, building, or community is going to be like.  It does not just show what a particular siding color looks like next to a certain brick, and combined with that shingle selection, that’s just factual…and boring.

Set expectations higher for your rendering company, and demand more from your renderings.  It will surely be the difference between seducing the heart of the buyer, and watching as they walk through the door, still in search of an emotional connection to their next home.  It would’ve, could’ve…it should have been you!

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