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Can Home Builders’ Leverage Only Certain Solutions from Alpha Vision’s Suite of Solutions?

Interview with Marc Lamoureux, President and Co-Founder of Alpha Vision

Leverage Only Certain Solutions from Alpha Vision's Suite of Solutions and Get Started !

The answer is yes – and we actually recommend to take your time!

The 20+ years that I spent supporting American home builders of all sizes with their marketing strategies taught me something important; technology is a means, not a goal. In other words, there is no need to rush the execution, you just need to get started where it matters most for your organization. Home builders that have been successful at leveraging new technologies understand that. They start by getting a clear picture of their sales flow, company structure, budget, etc. and then turn to technology to slowly but surely improve their marketing step by step.

Alpha Vision supports home builders of all sizes all through that journey. Not only with our digital solutions, but also by providing consulting and support in their implementation so they truly support home builder’s marketing plan. I have at times been asked by marketing directors to get involved in the design of sales centers in order to make sure that technology is seamlessly integrated within the sales flow. And I try to visit our clients to assist in the training of their sales associates. It is always a pleasure for me to act as a partner with our clients – and I take pride when I see our digital solutions are part of their success.

Although every marketing leader has a different set of objectives, over time, we have identified a path that has proven to produce efficient results for builders interested in our solutions:

  1. alphaplans

Our interactive floor plans solution – alphaplans – is the first solution you should consider, as it lives on your website and is the solution that will generate the fastest results. alphaplans will generate engagement from prospects on your website, provide you with valuable registrations and, most importantly, increase qualified traffic to your sales center.

  1. alphacenter

Our digital sales center solution – alphacenter – is the next logical step. And that is leveraging alphaplans (that you already have on your website) on touchscreen monitors and iPads in your sales center, combined with rich content about your community to enhance your sales team’s presentation.  Alpha Vision provides training to your sales associates to help them get the most out of the technology.

  1. alphamaps

Lastly, our digital site map solution – alphamaps – shows your lot availability in real time and combines it with images and videos which can be managed easily through our user friendly Content Management System (CMS).  It’s a great way to demonstrate your community amenities, and upcoming community sponsored events.  As an added bonus, it operates seamlessly in your sales center and on your website.

So where do I start?

Why don’t you give us a call?

Marc Lamoureux, President and Co-Founder of Alpha Vision