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Can alphamaps be leveraged on my website and in my sales center?

Yes!… and it really is that simple.

alphamaps is the latest technology for real-time representation of lot availability at your communities. Thanks to Alpha Vision’s integrated smart Web Services, this solution can be connected to your website and sales center simultaneously – therefore improving your efficiency and performance!

alphamaps interactive site maps

alphamaps interactive site maps

Connecting your website and sales centers through alphamaps has its advantages:

  • Automated updates

You only have to update your site map once. As you make changes at your sales center to the status of individual, or even a group of lots, the information is relayed to your website.  The frequency of these updates is determined by your preferences, typically every 4 hours, assuring that the lots availability is consistent throughout your system.

  • Increased urgency

As you update the status of the lots in your sales center, it automatically transfers the updates to your website, almost in real-time.  Indeed, as more and more lots show up as ‘SOLD’, your website visitors will certainly feel an increasing amount of pressure to make up their mind and pick their favorite lot.

  • Improved accuracy

An informed customer is a happy customer.  Gone are the days of customers relying on outdated map information, only to be disappointed when they visit your sales center and learn their first choices are no longer available.   The informed customers have researched their choices, and are more motivated and prepared to purchase sooner.

  • Personalization

Personalization allows your website visitors to connect the choices of other buyers with their own, and experience for themselves how the development is coming together and transforming into a community of which they want to be a part.

That’s another smart way to connect those two solutions in the brick and mortar world.

If you are already using alphamaps and have question regarding how you can better leverage it in your sales center and/or website, or if you are interested in discussing how you could start generating value for your business with alphamaps, contact us today.