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Behind the Scenes Magic of Our Suite of Solutions’ Connectivity

One of the main advantages of leveraging Alpha Vision™’s entire Suite of Solution is their inter-connectivity. Alpha Vision™ is not just building static images of floor plans and sitemaps anymore; we are developing smart inter-connected solutions that can talk to each other and share information! That means your smart floor plan can share information to your smart sitemap – and vice-versa. And what’s not to love, all of our solutions are cloud-based, which means you can access them from anywhere; website or sales center.

AlphaPlans™ and AlphaMaps™ Inter-Connectivity

AlphaPlans™ has been designed with integrated ‘tags’ that allow the solution to be connected with AlphaMaps™. That means you can view floor plans positioned on the sitemap in real-time, which can be a huge advantage when it comes to managing aspects such as monotony codes, or helping home buyers determine whether or not an expanded garage will fit on their chosen lot. Based on the floor plan created, you can limit the lots available for that particular plan. And because our applications are cloud-based, your prospects can also directly experience the benefits of our solutions’ inter-connectivity – on your website.

When in the sales center, you can also benefit from our solutions’ inter-connectivity. Interact with your prospect by showcasing their personalized AlphaPlans™ (interactive floor plan), integrated right into your community’s AlphaMaps™ (interactive sitemap). Based on offsets and setbacks, help them position their plan on a lot so they can evaluate whether they have room for the pool of their dreams. Because we are consuming the sitemap specs directly from your engineers’ drawings, you are assured that the information is accurate.

Screen Shot 2016-01-07 at 5.15.58 PM

Other features of utilizing AlphaMaps™ on your website would be the ability to update the lot status in real-time, or to identify the most popular lots based on saved favorites from other visitors. What a great way to create a sense of urgency!


Authoring Tool

Due to the fact that we produce thousands of floor plans every year, we developed a very intuitive authoring tool that allows for the production of interactive floor plans without having to assign a dedicated programmer to each project. This has proven to be an efficient way for us to save time and money, and we thought: why not make it available to our clients?  As a result, some of our larger builders now license our authoring tool, and internally manage the production and changes of their floor plans themselves.

Preview Buyer Preferences

Lastly (but not least!), the strength of our solutions’ inter-connectivity is demonstrated in the depth of the analytics provided. Prior to a buyer’s visit to your sales center, review the option selections they have made online by simply pulling the Analytics’ report from our CMS.

Those analytics include:

  • Preferred plans based on time spent
  • Preferred lots based on selection
  • Leads’ information based on their online registration
  • Selected options
  • Plus much more…

But the first step is to call us – we will walk you through the details with great pleasure!