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As Project Lead, how does Alpha Vision™’s streamlined project management process benefit me?


At Alpha Vision™, we are very protective of your time – we know you are busy and want to make sure that every minute you invest in this collaboration is as efficient as possible. Which is why we perfected our project management process, during which our highly trained, professional Project Managers utilize our proprietary online review software, which we call “My Project” to assure your project is moving along as efficiently as possible.

There are two key steps you will go through for every project:

Step 1: Kick-Off Call

Your dedicated Project Manager will first meet you on a kick-off call to clearly understand your needs, with the goal of putting together a project communications plan & timeline tailored to your needs. This will include reviewing the scope, defining a list of items that need to be provided at the very beginning of the project, going over the project process and making sure any expectations are well-defined.

Our process encourages you to invite your project team to the table for the kick-off call – specialists like architects, interior designers or agencies – which can significantly reduce the amount of time you have to invest afterwards.

Step 2: Reviews

Your Project Manager will guide you on how to use our easy online review system for the first reviews, and will be there for support along the way.  Our system is called “My Project”, and it’s designed to simplify all aspects of the project.  It offers a centralized portal for you to submit files, track the progress of your project, and leave your review comments.  Our Project Manager will ensure you fully grasp how to use this tool right from the start, which will help you go through your subsequent reviews with ease and reduce the amount of time you will need to invest down the line.

Finally, if at any time you feel like your time is not properly managed, talk to your Project Manager about your concerns. Our team is there to support you and make sure you have a pleasant experience working with Alpha Vision™.