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AlphaPlans™ on smartphones

AlphaPlans™ was first launched in 1999 – under the “e-floorplans”  appellation –  as a technology platform with CMS. At that time most of the web navigation was performed on desktops and laptops. A few years ago, as the use of smartphones to shop online became much more prevalent, some of our clients asked us about optimizing our AlphaPlans™ solution for smartphones. After reviewing our analytics, we were able to determine that over 30% of users accessing AlphaPlans™ for the first time, were doing so from their smartphones.  In fact, statistics show, home shoppers are no different than consumers that shop online for a wide variety of products and services, they enjoy the experience…A LOT, and even have come to expect it.

If you don’t know about AlphaPlans™ – our interactive floor plans solution – here’s a quick overview video:

Immediately, Alpha Vision™ went to work to develop a state of the art new platform optimized for smartphones, taking full advantage of the limited real estate of the smaller screen.  The resulting smartphone version is fast and fluid, but mostly our clients love it because it’s affordable and they can instantly take advantage of it using their existing assets.  Indeed, because our solutions are cloud based, all of our improvements and updates are recurrently uploaded to your systems, assuring that you always deliver the best possible experience to your website visitors. Knowing how much mobile optimization can be a nightmare for website designers, this update likely saved tons of hours to our home builder clients… And that’s just one-way Alpha Vision™ proves our value as your business partner.