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Alpha Vision™ announces integration for Zillow Group’s Inline Community Preview

As a Zillow Group Advantage Program partner, Alpha Vision developed the AlphaMaps™ plug-in to help Zillow group builder customers easily enhance their Zillow listings and improve their communities’ discoverability. The plug-in will be demonstrated at the NAHB IBS show in Las Vegas, from February 19-21 in various events.

The AlphaMaps™ plug-in will also be showcased during an exclusive builder cocktail reception on February 19, starting at 5:30 p.m., at the Alpha Vision™ Villa (Wynn Hotel). Hosted by Alpha Vision™ and featuring Ben Alton, Principal Product Manager for New Construction at the Zillow Group, the event is a must for home builders looking to up their game in marketing their communities.

Zillow Inline Community Preview

The Zillow Inline Community Preview, premiered on February 19, is the latest exciting  feature launched by the New Construction team of Zillow Group. This feature makes new home construction communities stand out even further to potential buyers. One of the challenges of community map views is the outdated aerial photography that shows new homes sitting on undeveloped sites far from the current level of development. Thanks to the Zillow Inline Community Preview, a colored home-site map is tastefully overlaid in Zillow’s map view, providing a sense of community and much more appealing reason to go visit the community.

All Alpha Vision™ needs from home builders is a CAD copy of their community site maps. Within a few days, the listing is updated and stands out prominently within the neighborhood.

Integration with Zillow’s lot availability tool

The AlphaMaps™ plug-in is fully integrated with Zillow’s Lot Availability tool and allows home builders to automate the entire process of uploading new listings into Zillow. The plug-in instantly finds the geo codes for each community lot, including its boundaries, scale, positioning and orientation, and feeding it to the Zillow platform. This is a major time-saver for busy home builder teams and helps to mitigate any potential errors caused by manual entries.

Thanks to the AlphaMaps™ plug-in, Lot Availability drop pins are featured for all available home sites in each community—not just one drop pin for the site itself.

Complete AlphaMaps™ solution integration with Zillow

Zillow home builder customers can also take advantage of the entire AlphaMaps™ solution—on both the Zillow platform and their business’ websites, which includes a wide array of features, such as advanced filters, community highlights and home footprint views based on actual availability for each unique lot.

“Alpha Vision™ is proud to work with the Zillow Group to co-develop solutions and create additional value for Zillow home builders,” said Marc Lamoureux, President and CEO of Alpha Vision™. “As Zillow’s community of home builders continues to grow and experience great commercial success, Alpha Vision™ will pursue its innovative development to cater to the needs of tomorrow’s builders.”

“We believe providing a new construction buyer information from the ground up is a highly valuable step toward the ultimate purchase of the home. Imagine if a corner lot is your desired location – being able to see that lot in the context of the overall community and its proximity to amenities is so important,” said Lucy Wohltman, Vice President, Sales for New Construction at Zillow Group. “By working with Alpha Vision™, a Zillow Group Advantage partner, we’re excited to be able to provide an integration with AlphaMaps™ for Inline Community Preview so that our shared customers can improve their community listings on Zillow.”

Zillow Group home builder customers interested in Alpha Vision™’s integration for Zillow Group’s Inline Community Preview can benefit from a special launch promotion. To learn more about the promotion, please visit the Zillow Group Advantage Program partner page.