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3 Ways That Interactive Floor Plans Drive Qualified Leads

Interactive floor plans can help you qualify leads faster.

More than ever before, interactive floor plans are indispensable tools for generating qualified leads. These floor plans provide an informative, aesthetically pleasing virtual tour of any property. Because they’re easier to digest than traditional floor plans, they help potential buyers visualize spaces with greater clarity. And since they’re more engaging, they encourage visitors to spend more time on your website. By piquing the interest of potential buyers in three key ways, these virtual floor plans increase conversions from casual visitors to active prospects.

1) Interactive floor plans let the customer take charge

Today’s home buyers want to feel in control of the buying process, from their first online search to signing the deed. It’s not rare to see people arrive at a sales center already holding a printout of their desired home configuration! When buyers have the chance to interact with a floor plan, they feel more prepared when headed into a meeting with your sales associate. They’ve already got a great idea of what the home will look like, have questions in mind, and may have identified issues you can help them solve.

From the builder’s perspective, meeting with this type of potential buyer is both practical and efficient. But in the consumer’s brain, something more is happening: they feel in total control of their shopping experience, empowered to make the decisions that will make them happiest.

2) They sell the dream

When you’re working with static floor plans, as-yet-unbuilt homes can be challenging to sell. Many people have trouble envisioning 2D, black-and-white plans as real places, and model homes might not be constructed with a façade or interior design style that piques their interest.

Interactive floor plans help visitors to your website project themselves into a house and imagine their lives there. Once they discover the range of options you offer, they’ll start making it their own. 

3) They position you as a teammate

Effective interactive floor plans showcase your chops as a builder and position you as the ideal teammate for turning dreams into reality. After all, it’s more fun to buy a new home from someone who understands what you need and is ready to work with you to build it. With rich content highlighting your qualifications, flexibility, and creativity, your interactive floor plans encourage website visitors to take the next step and initiate contact. 

Best practices for generating qualified leads with interactive floor plans

Of course, not all interactive floor plans are created equal. A few best practices ensure that you’re getting the most of your investment.

Put new plans online as soon as possible

Yes, even if they still need some tweaks. See it as a focus group: user traffic will tell you what models and features are most popular among site visitors. Alpha Vision offers analytics reporting that presents this data in real-time, allowing you to tweak your offer based on reliable business intelligence.

Integrate them seamlessly into your website

You might be tempted to code your interactive floor plans as pop-up windows. Don’t! Keeping visitors within your website is far better for conversion rates. The more effectively your plans are embedded into a single experience, the greater the chances of lead conversion.

Fill your plans with engaging content

Interactive floor plans should be as appealing and exciting as possible. Showcase available features such as finishes, color packages, furniture packages, and more. Include image galleries, photos, videos, exterior elevations, and 3D renderings. Make sure your floor plans provider grants you access via a CRM so your team can add images and videos on the fly—keeping the content fresh and relevant is key.

Take advantage of analytics reporting

Your interactive floor plan supplier should generate analytics reports informing you of each visitor’s completed journey through your site. Access to their configuration will provide your web leads response team invaluable insight into your visitors’ preferences and wants. Leverage that information to create highly personalized sales pitches that wow prospective clients.

Engaged visitors, eager clients

Home buyers used to fall in love with a new home during an onsite visit. Now, that emotional moment is occurring earlier in the buying process—and your website needs to be engaging enough to make it happen. By appealing to your visitors on a deep level, interactive floor plans increase conversion rates and generate qualified leads for the next phase of your sales cycle.

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