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15 Minute Coffee Break Crash Course

Coffee Break Page

At Alpha Vision, we know your time is truly valuable. This is why we came up with our special 15 Minute Coffee Break Crash Course! It’ a fun way to learn more about our interactive Suite of Solutions. By the time you finish your coffee, our Crash Course will be over and you can go back to your day. 🙂

Here is more information on this simple process.

  1. Upon scheduling your appointment, you will be contacted by our team to organize the timing of your 15 Minute Coffee Break Crash Course
  2. Once the appointment is scheduled, you will receive a FREE $10 eGift from Starbucks. An eGift is a digital card that you can redeem and enjoy in-store!
  3. Get ready for the 15 Minute Coffee Break Crash Course on your favorite Alpha Vision interactive Solution by grabbing your coffee right before it! (Of course, not mandatory! You can savor your delicious Starbucks’ coffee at any time!)
  4. Crash Course agenda is:
    1. Introduction to Alpha Vision (2 minutes)
    2. Review of the main features of the Solution (we have Crash Courses available for all of our solutions!) (10 minutes)
    3. Questions / Discussion about what was presented (3 minutes – or as long as you wish!)


  • For qualified home builders and invitation based only
  • Request your invitation here if you haven’t been invited already!
  • Limit of 1 Starbucks eGift per person and per company
  • Please visit https://www.starbucks.com/shop/card/egift for any question related to the eGift
  • Limited time offer