About us


Alpha Vision is not your typical technology provider

AlphaVision is not your typical technology provider. We are a different breed of real estate, technology and digital marketing experts that place home builders and home buyers at the center of everything that we do.

We are intimately aware of the challenges home builders and real estate developers face in a hypercompetitive market. That’s why our proprietary technology is geared to helping them achieve their sales goals, improve their brand images, and outpace the competition.

We fully understand what makes different home shoppers tick and their buying journeys. This is why our solutions have been designed to provide stunningly high-quality, accurate and real-time interactive floor plans, interactive site maps, 3D renderings and engagement software so that potential customers feel confident they are making the right decision for their future homes.

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Founded in 1993, AlphaVision offers next-generation solutions that transform the home buying process into an engaging, personalized and emotional experience for both community sales associates and home buyers. With AlphaVision, home builders and real estate developers create deeper relationships with their customers—for the benefit of communities across North America.

If you’re looking for sophisticated, yet pragmatic, solutions to positively impact your bottom line, and client support that goes beyond industry standards, then you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to AlphaVision.

Meet our team

Marc L. - President / CEO

Marc L.

President / CEO

Marc Lamoureux co-founded Alpha Vision in 1993 and acts as president and CEO. Marc’s extensive knowledge of the homebuilding industry as well as digital marketing trends for real estate makes him an invaluable strategic collaborator for many of the national builders.

Jonathan B. - Chief Technology Officer

Jonathan B.

Chief technology Officer

Jonathan Brosseau acts as Chief technology Officer since he co-founded Alpha Vision in 1993. Jonathan’s extensive knowledge of the latest technologies allow him to keep Alpha Vision on the leading-edge with its innovative portfolio of software solutions.

Richard H. - Director of Business Development

Richard H.

Director of Business Development

Richard Harper is Alpha Vision’s Director of Business Development. Based in Chicago - IL, Richard has over 15 years of experience in digital marketing for the real-estate industry, making him a strong consultant to our clients, developing solutions that really answers their needs.

Nidjha G. - Senior Project Manager

Nidjha G.

Senior Project Manager

Nidjha Gardere has been with Alpha Vision since 2008 and currently acts as Senior Project Manager. She takes care of the most complex projects and also manages the team of project managers, keeping at heart to always leverage the strengths of each team member to better support our clients needs.


Daniel C.

Project Manager for large customers

Daniel Camire acts as Project Manager for large customers. His background in 3D renderings, coupled with strong organizer’s skills and dedication to getting work done makes Daniel a valuable asset when it comes to managing your community’s projects.

Isabelle G. - Production Coordinator

Isabelle G.

Production Coordinator

Isabelle Gagne is our Production Coordinator, and has been with Alpha Vision since 1997. Her ability to deal with various production deadlines with constant reorganization of schedules and timelines will ensure that projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Jackie I. - Project Manager

Jackie I.

Project Manager

Jackie Iannotti has been Project Manager for Alpha Vision since 2008. Relentless to gather the information that is often disparate on projects at early stage of design, Jackie pays close attention to projects and offers ongoing client support, while understanding your needs and delivering solutions that work.

Catherine L. - Production Strategist

Catherine L.

Production Strategist

Catherine has been involved in the actual production of large amount of various CAD assets. She is a pivot point between production and project managers to support projects that require a complex production strategy.