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Real-time lot availability on your website

With alphamaps, you no longer have to invest your time updating your website with the latest brick and mortar lot availability. Directly linked to your sales center system and our servers, this solution assures you your website displays the latest lot availability, creating that sense of urgency for your home shoppers, while allowing you to spend your time on what really counts…selling!

Capture more home shoppers online!

Take the first step towards digitally engaging your audience using interactive solutions such as alphamaps! Explore untapped business opportunities and propel your website and sales center to the next level!

Immersive experience in your sales center

Leveraging alphamaps in your sales center better equips your sales associates to guide customers through the amenities and attractions your community has to offer. Using rich content such as images and videos to support their presentation, it will immerse them into the home buying experience.   And whether your customer is a “lot-centric” or “plan-centric” buyer, alphamaps will filter and display the lots and plans based upon their particular preferences. The filtering criteria is under your complete control through the content manager system. It’s a truly exciting experience for both your sales associates and Sales Center visitors.

Analytics based on favorites

All along their browsing of different lot options, a like button is available so visitors can indicate their favorite lots and features. This information is then available within the analytic dashboard to provide insights on lot popularities, premiums, etc.

Supported on virtually any device!

alphamaps interactive lot maps are plug and play – the platform detects the users’ device and optimizes content based on the different screen sizes (responsive). And because we know the use of tablets is ever increasing, we made sure that the latest version of alphamaps is cross platform, including iPads and other tablets.

Full control via your custom CMS

Our cloud-based solution provides a Content Management System (CMS) – which means you can modify and update the lot availability and rich content such as texts, images, videos and renderings on the fly – remotely at your own convenience, saving costs and time.

Take advantage of alphamaps’ connectivity!

Displaying both digital static plans from alphaplans and/or 3D interactive renderings from alphaview, this solution is highly connected with Alpha Vision’s Smart Suite – for stronger impact in the sales center. Leverage information from your interactive floor plans (alphaplans) and interactive site maps (alphamaps) to support smarter business decisions!

Flexible Backend Technology

Understanding the site maps’ volume can be important, Alpha Vision has the most comprehensive, flexible and efficient creation process :

  • We start from your existing files at hand (CAD, Vector graphic files, PDF)
  • Our authoring tools are extremely robust and allow for various site plans styles and content to be displayed
  • Support masterplans communities allowing for unlimited number of lots
  • We support unlimited number of filters – maintaining a constant sense of buyer urgency

smart – The Alpha Vision Advantage

Maximize your efficiency and performance with Alpha Vision’s smart Advantage! Discover how our inter-connected Suite of Solutions will drive value to your business with more connectivity, more consumer knowledge, more flexibility… more possibilities!

  • Custom Web Services for infinite connectivity possibilities
  • Strong control with a cloud-based Content Management System (CMS)
  • Powerful analytics to help build knowledge of your audience
  • Automated and centralized updates via Web services
  • Qualified registrations captured from multiple touch points
  • Single assets and content shared between desktop and mobile devices