Increased engagement, conversions and business intelligence

Engage your website visitors – with a wide array of options to choose from such asservice---interactive-floor-plans:

  • Architectural options
  • Home elevations
  • Color packages
  • Features
  • Rich galleries

The more they personalize their floor plans, the more time they spend on your website. See your ‘average time spent’ go from a couple minutes to over 10 minutes per floor plan! Now that’s engagement!

RoomPlanner allows the visitor to further personalize by adding a vast array of furniture and decorative items matching at scale their own furniture. Learn more on RoomPlanner…

Integrate alphaplans seamlessly on your website – with a simple URL to add on your website. Next to no effort required for your team to direct visitors to the best of your floorplans.

Capture more home shoppers online!

Take the first step towards digitally engaging your audience using interactive solutions such as alphaplans! Explore untapped business opportunities and propel your website and sales center to the next level!

Discover more alphaplans’ features

  • Allows the visitors to engagein your floor plans
    Allows the visitors to engage in your floor plans

    even further with RoomPlanner, adding a vast array of furniture and decorative items matching at scale their own furniture. Learn more on Room Planner…

  • Collects your visitors’ information
    Collects your visitors’ information

    In order to save the personalized floor plan, they must first register the information you determine (i.e. email, name, phone number, etc.) – which becomes an additional “net” to capture additional leads that may normally be reluctant to do so.

  • Increases visitors understanding of your offering
    Increases visitors understanding of your offering

    alphaplans allows the presentation of a vast array of options for home buyers to choose from - starting with color packages, architectural options and all of your best features. They can also explore your interior galleries for an even better view of your community.

  • Deepens your audience understanding
    Deepens your audience understanding

     by leveraging the analytics tools provided with our solution - you can now discover who your audience really is, and use that information to make smarter business decisions! Learn more on alphasmart…

  • Differentiates your community
    Differentiates your community

     by showcasing the features that make your home unique – features

  • Take control with relevant content

    Our cloud-based solution provides a Content Management System (CMS) – which means you can modify and update the rich content such as texts, images, videos and renderings on the fly - remotely at your own convenience, saving costs and time.





Make it personal with room planner

Room Planner is today the most engaging online experience available, and the most powerful and cost-effective solution supporting the sales and marketing of new home builders

Analytics show that users of the tool stay engaged 5 times longer while furnishing their dream home! The extensive library of furniture icons within Room Planner covers all of what potential buyers can use to plan their home. From home furniture, gym equipment, vehicles, and even landscaping, everything can be added at scale and modified as per the exact dimensions of the home buyer’s existing or planned furniture and can be customized via the CMS.

 Strong Lead Generator Solution

We know how difficult and costly it is to convert a visitor to your website into a lead – this is why the Save Floor Plan feature is the perfect solution – a strong incentive for users to register and increase the collection of highly qualified leads. Once a home shopper has configured their desired options and personalized the furniture layout, they will want to keep it for future reference – it’s a strong motivator for them to save their efforts and register, which means more leads captured for you.

Users can print or save a PDF of their personalized brochure, which they can bring with them to the sales center, or even better, can be accessed directly by your sales associate simply by retrieving their preferences by using the email address the home buyer used when registering.

Sharing with the registrants’ sphere of influence is easy. They can proudly email their personalized brochure or blast it out over social media through Facebook or Twitter.

Supported on virtually any device!

Interactive floor plans are plug and play – the system detects the devices and optimize content based on the different screen sizes (responsive). To satisfy the ever increasing appetite of shoppers to use their tablets, we developed alphaplans in HTML5 (iPads and other tablets). Taking it a step further, 0ur SmartPhone version reaches even the hyper-mobile home shoppers browsing homes from their phone.

The user interface is also highly configurable by customers and allows for pop up or integration within the layout of your Website.

Analytics for Smarter Business Decisions

alphaplans allows you to leverage key data points, such as most popular plans visited, time spent per plan, number of home plans and room planners saved, as well as most popular options and features. Simply log into our system and consult the latest KPIs on your specific community.

Backend Technology

alphaplans is based on Windows Azure Technology which means it requires no hosting on your end, with a 99.9% guaranteed uptime and optimal performance.

The floor plan authoring tool generates both HTML5 and SWF floor plan assets in one single authoring process:

Understanding the high volume of floor plans created, Alpha Vision has the most comprehensive and efficient creation process.

  • We start from your file format (CAD, Vector graphic files, PDF)
  • Our options authoring is extremely robust and allow for many overlapping options, constraint and elevation dependencies.

smart – The Alpha Vision Advantage

Maximize your efficiency and performance with Alpha Vision’s smart Advantage! Discover how our inter-connected Suite of Solutions will drive value to your business with more connectivity, more consumer knowledge, more flexibility… more possibilities!

  • Custom Web Services for infinite connectivity possibilities
  • Strong control with a cloud-based Content Management System (CMS)
  • Powerful analytics to help build knowledge of your audience
  • Automated and centralized updates via Web services
  • Qualified registrations captured from multiple touch points
  • Single assets and content shared between desktop and mobile devices